Israel in two days | Excursion from Eilat to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jordan, Galilee, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Western Wall

Israel in two days | Tour of the Christian Galilee
Tour of the Holy places from Eilat
price: $ 200 per person

1. Departure from Eilat 4.50-5.40 (depending on the tourist’s place of residence)
2. Kibbutz Hatzeva, 15-minute stop.
3. Ejn Bokek, Dead Sea. 1.5 hours stop, bathing, breakfast.
4 River Jordan, Qasr al-Yahud. The place of Baptism of Jesus Christ. Jordan’s font if you wish
5 Bethlehem, Pilgrimage center. The Basilica of the Nativity is the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
6. Lunch
7. Tour of the old City, from the gates of Jafskih to the gate of the garbage.
Pilgrimage tour of the Temple of the Lord’s coffin, where called is located, the stone of Confirmation, Sepulchre, the burial site and resurrection of the Savior.
In the end of the journey to the Old City, the Wailing Wall, where tourists (of any denomination) are traditionally left with a note asking for the Almighty.
In order to travel to Jerusalem, it is necessary to have, in winter, warm clothes.
Women have solitaire, scarf or handkerchiefs, comfortable shoes.
A visit to Bethlehem requires a passports. If the tour includes a Dead Sea stop, you should take a bathing suit and a towel.
Men in shorts have limited access to shrines.

Israel in two days | Excursion, holy places of Israel
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