By the time of Jesus Christ, the Galilean Jews had a special dialect of the inhabitants of Judea (Mark 14:70). Most of the apostles were Galileans (Acts 1:11). The main cities of Galilee were Bethsaida (the birthplace of the Apostle Andrew, Peter and Philip – John 1:44), Cana of Galilee (the birthplace of Nathanael – John 21: 2) and Nazareth (the birthplace of Jesus Christ – Matt. 2:23; Matt. 21: eleven). The Jews of Jesus Christ revered the Galilean (Matthew 26:69; John 7:41). According to Matthew after the resurrection, both the angel and Jesus sent the apostles to Galilee (Matthew 28: 7-16). In the era of the Apostle Paul, churches existed in Galilee (Acts 9:31).

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